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A player with a title.

As a your karma goes up and down, you will obtain different titles depending on the amount of karma you have. The title will appear right after your name, and within square brackets. Note: Titles are unaffected by karma gained by equipment, and once you reach the amount required for a certain title, it will become active the next time you log in.

List of Titles

  • 100 karma: [Honorable]
  • 200 karma: [Saint]
  • 300 karma: [Nobleman]
  • 400 karma: [Benevolent]
  • 500 karma: [Altruistic]
  • 600 karma: [Chivalrous]
  • 700 karma: [Magnanimous]
  • 800 karma: [Stalwart]
  • 900 karma: [Courageous]
  • 1000 karma: [Heroic]

  • -100 karma: [Scoundrel]
  • -200 karma: [Criminal]
  • -300 karma: [Dastardly]
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