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A normal Goblin, and a Meta 4 Goblin

In addition to the different types of monsters, the monsters have various meta levels:

  • meta level 1 creatures have white text when you mouse over them. These are the standard level monsters.
  • meta level 2 have pale yellow text.
  • meta level 3 have bright yellow text.
  • meta level 4 have orange text.
  • meta level 5 have red text (These are known as Legendary Creatures.)

Meta level 1 creatures have normal hitpoints, stamina, base attacks, and base defenses. A White (meta level 1) Ent, for example, will have some hitpoints, some stamina, and will usually perform bludgeoning attacks with its powerful limbs. A Shambling Mound, on the otherhand, causes lots of poison damage. You can gain some insight into a parcitular mob's strengths and weaknesses by looking at their Lore window. Just right click on your mob of choice, and choose the Lore option.

Meta level 2 creatures are more powerful brethren of their ML1 counterparts. Thus, a "Defensive Ent" will have pale yellow text and will have additional hitpoints, additional stamina, and some other additional attributes compared to a regular Ent.

This continues where ML3, ML4, and ML5 monsters are more powerful yet. There are approx. 30 different attributes a particular monster can aquire. These bonuses can stack. Care should be taken when engaging some of the higher ML monsters. A regular (white) Ent might be no problem to kill, but a red Legendary Ent might kill a well equipped adventurer.

The monster's name can also give some indication as to their abilities. A monster with the "Strong" prefix will have a far higher than normal hitpoints/stamina and inflict extra damage. Some of these modifiers make them especially difficult to kill. A monster with both the defensive and regenerating properties can be a formidable opponent. Be careful with Legendary monsters, as these boosts are hidden.

All attributes can stack with the monster's abilities and themselves, improving the effectiveness. For instance, a meta 3 mob that only has a "Crippling" mod actually has that mod twice, and is more effective at inflicting Hamstringing attacks (especially if that mob has Hamstring as an innate ability).

Extra Attributes

  • General Boosters
    • Aggressive - Monster does much more damage, but does not have as much health.
    • Strong - Monster is improved in general.
    • Regenerating - Monster recovers health and stamina over time.
    • Evil - Monster is much stronger, and is worth one Karma when defeated.
    • Legendary - Mob has four of these attributes, attributes are hidden to the player, mob is worth one Karma when defeated.
  • Attack Boosters
    • Oppressive - Enemy gains a Bludgeoning attack.
    • Precise - Enemy gains a Piercing attack.
    • Barbed - Enemy gains a Piercing attack and Piercing resistance.
    • Sharp - Enemy gains a Slashing attack.
    • Corrosive - Enemy gains an Acid attack and Acid resistance.
    • Frozen - Enemy gains a Cold attack and Cold resistance.
    • Burning - Enemy gains a Fire attack and Fire resistance.
    • Charged - Enemy gains a Lightning attack and Lightning resistance.
    • Pestilent - Enemy gains a Poison attack and Poison resistance.
    • Defensive - Enemy gains resistance to Bludgeoning, Slashing, and Piercing.
    • Dire - Enemy gains resistance to Bludgeoning, Slashing, and Piercing.
    • Elemental - Enemy gains resistance to Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, and Poison.
  • Special Attack Boosters
    • Vindictive - Enemy gains Backstab
    • Lethal - Enemy gains Double Strike
    • Accurate - Enemy gains Precise Aim
    • Draining - Enemy gains Life and Stamina Drain
    • Crippling - Enemy gains Hamstring
    • Hemorrhaging - Enemy gains Open Wounds
    • Cruel - Enemy gains Stun
    • Vicious - Enemy gains Stun
  • Unknown (please try to figure these out)
    • Hexing - ?? (Worse drops?)
    • Illusionary - ??
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