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The Market

To use a Market, move next to it and right click it. A context menu appears. You can Buy, Sell, or look at My Items. There is also a Lore option for a description of the Market.

This is a wholly player-run market so there are no NPCs buying or selling anything. The common value of items are wholly determined by players. There is no negotiation using the market - you could negotiate in the forums, or by messaging the seller. There are as of yet no auctions, and no "buy orders", everything is in effect a "sell order" with a fixed price. When selling, you will not get paid until a player decides to buy your item.

Currently there are no commission charges, deposits, or other charges or costs associated with using the Market.

When buying items such as Recipes, be sure to check the number of uses remaining before you buy, as this will certainly affect the usefulness of the item. Similarly when buying any enchanted item, check the negative attributes as well as the positive attributes. Don't be misled by a name! And for regular items, be sure to search the entire category to find the cheapest price. There can be massive variation in prices - the same item might be advertised for 1 platinum, then later on for 1 copper, so about a million (?) times cheaper. In some cases basic items are placed on the market for 1 copper, to help new players.

Each market is separate and independent from the others, listings are not shared.



This brings up a multi tabbed window. Stretch the window horizontally (by dragging the right edge) if you can't see all the columns. There are tabs for each category of item. Within each category, items are sorted by base item type, eg "Short Sword" (the names may vary but the underlying base item type is the same). The items are in canonical base item type order, which is not the same as alphabetical order. The normal name-text colour codes for magic items apply, e.g. white items are non-magical. Mouse over the item's icon in the leftmost column for a full description, including its attributes and magic, uses remaining, etc.

You can use the forward and backward double chevron buttons to move forward or backward one page of items. The PgDn and PgUp keys are shortcuts to go back and to advance one page in the market. Or you can type a page number into the text field between the two buttons, then hit the right button to jump to just past that page. As it can be very tedious browsing through the pages, if you find something of interest, write down its page number (and which category tab it's in) so that you can return to it quickly.

You can purchase multiple items (provided you have sufficient coins in your Inventory) by selecting them in the check box at the rightmost column and then hitting Purchase. This returns you to the beginning of the category listing.

After you hit Purchase, items purchased are moved into your Inventory and the coins are deducted from your inventory.


The Sell Window

A window opens and you can drag an item from your Inventory into the window, and set the price you will sell that item for. There are no set prices for items, they are all determined by player demand and supply. To get an idea of the range of sell prices for that type of item, browse the Buy screen before listing your item for sale.

When selling, there is a limit of 999 of each coin type. If you try to sell an item for 1000 or more of the same coin type, the item will default to a price of 0 and will not be displayed in the market.

Items placed on the market will stay for 2 weeks, then they are automatically given a price of 0 and removed from the visible market listing. You can find these unlisted items in the My Items section of the market.

My Items

This allows you to view items you have previously placed on the Market for sale. Here you can withdraw items and return them to your Inventory, taking them "off the Market".

When someone buys an item of yours, the payment can be retrieved from the My Items window.

Building Wealth

The recommended way to get Coin as a starting player is to hunt Copper Golems, collect the dropped Copper Ore, then manufacture Copper Coins using a Copper Coin Recipe (which also drops from Copper Golems, rarely).

Or you can hunt monsters, collect the ingredients they drop, and place them on the Market for sale. Bark from Ents is always in demand and is easy to collect.

Success is not guaranteed with either method, perseverance and a keen eye for market prices may be required.

If you don't have any Coin, you can barter with another player (if they are willing) by moving next to them, right clicking on them and selecting Trade from the context menu.

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