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What is Karma

Karma is used as an attribute to determine your luck for magical item drops from monsters. Karma also is used a factor to determine your success at duplicating an item using reflecting ponds. Karma is also a factor in the success rate of essence reclaiming. Your Karma also effects the color of your name. The higher your Karma is the greener your name becomes, and the lower your Karma, the redder your name.

Losing Karma

Karma is currently only lost when you attack/kill another player inside a secure area.


Once your karma becomes -200 or below, you will no longer be allowed to enter secured area (+-400 spaces around 0,0), instead you must use the "Criminal" town.

Gaining Karma

Karma is currently only gained through killing certain monsters.

Only monsters that are of Legendary level, contain the "Evil" title, or World Event Monsters will reward a player karma for their deaths.

Legendary and Evil Monsters will award 1 Karma point per kill.

World Event Monsters will award 5 Karma per kill.


For every -+100 Karma you gain, you are awarded a new title. See Titles for additional information.

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