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The Chipped Dagger (TCD) is very simple to enter and play! Here you will learn how about Creating an Account, Controls and Hotkeys, and the game's User Interface.


Creating an Account

Login Window

Now that you've launched that game, the only thing left is to make an account! You only need a username and password to start your adventure in the world of The Chipped Dagger.

Controls and Hotkeys


You've made it into the game world. Let the adventure begin!

You can move by:

  • Using the W A S D grid.
  • Pressing the arrow keys (Limited to up, down, left, right)
  • Numeric Keypad (5 and 2 are both for Down)
The Keyboard Keys

  • Or you can just click the adjacent tiles next to your character.
Click the adjacent square to move.


Hotkeys allow you to quickly use an item in your inventory using the F1 to F8 keys. Each hotkey is bound to one item slot in your inventory. Hotkeys are mostly used for potions, but any item with the "Use" option in its context menu can be used via hotkeys.

Adding a Hotkey:

1. Right-Click any item slot. The item slot must be empty first.
2. Choose "Add Hotkey."

Right-click an empty slot

3. Choose the hotkey you want to use (between F1-F8) then click "Set."

Removing a hotkey:

1. Make sure the slot is empty first.
2. Right-click the slot and choose "Remove Hotkey."

Removing the hotkey

Note: For the hotkey removal to go into effect your inventory must be refreshed (from moving an item, crafting something, buying, etc).

The Game Interface

The Main Screen

One of the most important thing is to learn what's on your screen. The Main screen usually consists of the Title Bar, Map, Inventory, Character Sheet, Chat Window, and Event Log.

Game Main Screen

Note: The screen in the picture might look different from your screen because the windows can be rearranged.

The Title Bar

Title Bar

The Title Bar shows in formation on: The title of the game, the name of your character, the server status and the number of players currently online, and the build number.

Character Sheet

Empty Character Sheet

The Character Sheet contains all the vital information about your character such as Health, Stamina, Karma, equipped items, and stats.

You can equip armor or weapons by dragging and dropping them to the appropriate equipment slot on the character sheet. Remove items by dragging them off the equipment slots to your inventory or other appropriate area.



The Inventory Window contains the items you are carrying around (items you are wearing show up on the character sheet). Your current weight, which determines stamina usage when moving, is shown at the top of this window. Every player's inventory space is limited to 40 slots, but this can extended by carrying bags. Bags cannot be put into other bags (you get a humorous message for trying).

Ingredients, coins, and potions are grouped into stacks within the inventory. It is possible to split a stack by right-clicking it and choosing "Split Stack." Armor, weapons, recipes, and bags do not stack.

Potions in the inventory can be consumed by double-clicking them. Additionally the first two slots in the inventory are hotkey'd to F1 and F2 by default (useful for health and stamina potions).

Event Log

Event Log

The event log keeps a record of your activities during your current session. The event log contains your fight logs, your deaths, your corpse location(s), alerts when you move into or out of a security zone, crevasse notices, reclamation results, and other important information. With the new updates, the event log also announces the World Event Monsters currently on the map, and the general location of them. It also announces when a new highest level item is found, and when someone gains a new title.

The bulk of the event log will be fight logs, as these are quite spammy (but useful!).

The Chat System

Chat Window

In the Chat Window, you can chat with other online players and talk about whatever you want. Just make sure you DON'T go outside the rules. :)

You can private message a player by right-clicking on their name in the chat user list and choosing "PM" from the menu. Doing this will open a private chat room with only you and the other person. You may also ignore all chat output from a player through the "Ignore" option in the right-click menu.

Note: Sometimes an online user will not appear in the chat user list. This is probably because they have closed their chat window.

For more info, visit the Chat System page.

Health, Stamina, and Death


Health Bar

You begin the game with a maximum of 100 health. You may increase your maximum health by acquiring and using Health Essences. Certain armor and weapons will also increase your maximum health as long as they are equipped (like rings). You begin with 0 health regeneration, and gain it through the use of equipment. You can regain lost health much faster using health potions.

When your health drops to 0 you will die, drop all your items (only exception is the token), and go back to [X=0,Y=0].


Stamina Bar

You begin the game with a maximum of 100 stamina, which can also be increased through worn equipment (like amulets) and the use of stamina essence. The more weight you are carrying, the more stamina you lose per step. Lost stamina will return over time, just like health. You begin with a stamina regeneration of 1. Items that increase your rate of stamina regeneration also exist. Stamina potions will replenish your lost stamina and are very useful for traveling long distances while carrying a lot of weight.

When your stamina is below 20%, you cannot use special attacks (such as backstab, double strike, stun). When your stamina hits 0, you will not be able to move or attack.

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