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A Crevasse.
Inside a populated Yetti crevasse.

Crevasses open up randomly at various points in the world. They are entry points to dungeons where monsters can be fought, and treasure can be looted. To enter a Crevasse, move next to it, and double click on it. To exit, move next to the staircase icon and double click that.

Crevasses vary in size and contain many monsters of a single type, with a good chance of containing a Legendary monster. A crevasse may also contain a Reflecting Pond.

A crevasse may be deserted if another adventurer has already killed all the monsters within.

Upon killing the last monster inside a crevasse, you receive the following message: "[13:47:12] Congratulations for clearing the crevasse of all its monsters. Your spirit strengthens!" Clearing a crevasse of its final monster also increases your weight limit by 1.


The message you get upon entering is an indicator of how many monsters are in the crevasse. From most to least populated:

  • "The crevasse is over run with monsters! Death draws near."
  • "The crevasse is teaming with monsters."
  • "You can see shadows moving in the distance."
  • "The crevasse is deserted." (Empty)

You get the message "Monsters no longer inhabit this place!" when the last enemy is killed.

Crevasse Strategy

  • If you aren't able to kill the area's local enemy population easily, take extra caution when entering a crevasse. It's very possible to get instantly surrounded upon entry, and if you die in this situation corpse recovery will be difficult.
  • Dividing and conquering is the best way to defeat a crevasse with strong enemies. Most crevasses are large enough to allow you to run away and draw a large crowd of enemies out one by one.
  • If the crevasse is too small to allow this but you want to fight anyways, run to a corner. Only three monsters can attack you at once, compared to eight if you stay in the open. Once you kill enough mobs to be surrounded by graves, you can easily control when you want to fight the next enemy.
  • In premium areas, mobs with heavy basic drops can weigh you down extremely fast. In crevasses with these mobs, ready Stamina potions if you start getting overburdened.

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