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Combat in The Chipped Dagger is fast and mostly automatic when you run into a monster. All you have to do is heal when necessary and move around to prevent being surrounded.


You will automatically start attacking any creature that attacks you. This means that you can attack any creature by simply running into it. You may also double-click on a creature to attempt to strike first and begin combat.

An owl bear's health box.

As soon as an enemy attacks you, or vice versa, the enemy's health gauge will appear in a small floating box, signaling that you and the enemy are engaged in combat. Multiple combat boxes may appear if many enemies are attacking you, and the box outlined in red is the enemy you are focused on attacking.

In combat, you will continue focusing on an enemy until it dies or you get a certain distance away from it, even if there are other enemies closer to you. At any time you can double-click to switch targets.

Note: Choosing "Attack" from a target's right-click menu does not work.

Weapons and Armor

This section of the character sheet shows your current Combat Stats.

Better weapons have higher physical and elemental attacks which translates to more damage on a target. Both hands are available for holding a weapon or a shield. You can dual-wield shields as well if you wish to increase defense.

Armor will generally reduce the amount of damage taken by increasing your physical defense stats. Leather armor mainly gives bludgeon defense, chain armor mainly gives slash defense, and plate armor mainly gives pierce defense.

See the Stats page for an explanation of all 32 combat stats.

Mob Lore

Mob Lore for Displacer Beast

Right-click on a monster and choose "Lore" to see the known attacks and defenses of a monster, as well as common item drops. It also displays the mob's level. Mob Lore is a very useful tool for deciding which armor and weapons are most appropriate to fight a monster.

The image to the right shows the mob lore of a Displacer Beast. Its known physical attacks are pierce (physical attack), Backstab, and Hamstring (both special attacks). Equip yourself with some plate armor, which gives pierce defense, to minimize the damage from a Displacer Beast. Furthermore, the Displacer Beast has defenses in all three physical attacks, leaving it susceptible to elemental attacks.

To view the mob lore of other creatures, see the Monster List page.

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