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In order of increasing scarcity and value, the types of Coins are:

File:coinCopper.pngCopper Coins.

File:coinSilver.pngSilver Coins.

File:coinGold.pngGold Coins.

File:coinPlatinum.pngPlatinum Coins.

The ratio of value between coins (exchange rate) is not fixed. Since all coins are manufactured or found by players, the exchange rate is set by supply and demand.

At the time of writing the exchange ratio looks to be approximately 50 copper to 1 silver, and 20 silver to 1 gold. The ratio of gold to platinum is not established.

Copper Coins are manufactured using a Copper Coin Recipe and a supply of Copper Ore. One unit of Copper Ore is consumed per Copper Coin. Copper Ore is a very common drop by Copper Golems. Copper Coin Recipes are also dropped by slain Copper Golems, though much more rarely.

Other coins are manufactured in a similar manner, except they require more ore per coin. Silver coins requires 2 silver ore, gold coins require 3 gold ore, and platinum coins require 4 platinum ore.

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